Women often experience changes in sexual desire. Discover more about Lady Prelox®

For improved sensation & desire

For pleasurable sensation & desire

A unique combination of natural ingredients

A combination of plant-based ingredients

Tested on more than 200 women

Tested by more than 200 women

Lady Prelox

Lady Prelox®

Lady Prelox® is a dietary supplement. Its patented formula is the result of years of scientific research to synergistically promote sexual comfort and pleasure.

  1. A product exclusively developed for women, for a more pleasurable and fulfilling sex life
  2. Enjoy sexual desire and comfort, and pleasurable sexual experiences
  3. Clinically tested on more than 200 women

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A taboo subject?

Sexual concerns continue to be a complex problem that affects thousands of women, yet we continue to see it as a taboo subject. There is a definite need for natural and proven solutions, and it is refreshing to see a new product become available with such high levels of clinical evidence to support its claims.


Tested and approved

by more than 200 women in 3 clinical studies

Bottari et al., Panminerva Med 2012
Belcaro et al., Minerva Ginecologica 2013
Stanislavov et al. (submitted for publication 2014)

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Keep it secret

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